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Pebbles Sunday School

Children between the ages of about 2 years of age and 10 are welcome to attend our Sunday school  'Pebbles',  This is held on the first three Sundays of the month and parents are welcome to stay with their children until they are happy to go on their own.  


The children leave the church during the first hymn and make their way to the Pebbles cabin. Parents are welcome to go with them if they are nervous about going on their own but we would prefer them to go with the leader if possible due to limited space.


Each week the leader and their helper hold a lesson based on a theme previously planned, this will include a story, craft, games and conversation about the story throughout all depending on the ages present, Each session is adaptable.


The children return to the church in time for Communion and the blessing. At the end of the service the children are invited to show the congregation what they have been learning.


Pebbles is a fun and creative way of learning about the Christian faith, run by volunteers from amongst the congregation.  


On the fourth Sunday of each month there is a popular family service. The children stay with their parents in church for a more informal style of worship.  


On Christmas Eve the children often put on a dramatised version of the Christmas Story at the Crib Service at Downside Chapel, this is very popular, with a crowd of children crammed into the tiny chapel for their very own Christmas service.



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Storyfruit is a new website   designed by Elvin Turner, a dad from Guildford who wanted to find a way to tell Christian and family-friendly stories to his children while travelling on business.


Storyfruit is stocked with stories that blend fun with gentle Christian discipleship.


Visit  to find out more.


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